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Dr. Michelle D. Liulama

Talofa! (Greetings! in Samoan) I am Dr. Michelle D. Liulama, Founder & CEO of Mana o Toa Military Mentoring, LLC. I grew up in American Samoa after my mother relocated us from Arlington, Texas to American Samoa in 1971. I was five at the time and had to learn the Samoan language and culture, which is the best time to learn, as studies show, children are sponges at an early age. Samoans are very pro-military so even though I received an academic scholarship after high school, my family wanted me to join the Army. In July 1983, I reported to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for Basic Training. Unbeknownst to me, my grandfather, Liulama T. Tapasu was my first mentor.  He taught me integrity, compassion, justice, and a hard work ethic. So when I was in a pickle, I reached back to the nuggets my grandfather taught me, to guide my 20-year military career. I often wonder if every military member has someone like my grandfather, who instilled in me a strong sense of duty and sacrifice. He passed away when I was in Basic Training and I had to find someone to carry his mantle but it was difficult because I didn't trust anyone. I felt unprepared for the many hats I would wear (i.e., squad leader, platoon sergeant, supervisor, wife, mother, student, civilian, etc), but somewhere along my journey, I met supervisors who became mentors. After I retired from active duty, I was disheartened to hear of the growing bad publicity surrounding military personnel, that included mounting suicides, missing persons, training abuses, etc. Mana o Toa was born out of my mission to provide that go-to person for our warriors, that support system dedicated to supplementing and enhancing the careers of our men and women in uniform, from all ages and walks of life, so that they and their family members can have a thriving military career and beyond. This much I can do. Hooah!

Our Mission

Mana of Toa Military Mentoring is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) dedicated to serving military personnel from the beginning of their career until they separate or retire. We also support adult family members and provide career coaching, academic advising, and transition services. Our services are meant to supplement what the military member gets from his/her chain of command by employing our 176+ years of combined military experience to hone, maintain, or fast-track the warriors' career. We are personal mentors to our warriors, like personal trainers are to gym fanatics. 

We continue to build our cadre from all the six military Services, officers and enlisted, as well as specialty groups (i.e., Army Rangers, Navy Seals, etc.) so that every mentee can find a mentor that he/she relates to and trusts that it will be an invaluable, consistent, and career-enhancing experience. 

Mana o Toa Military Mentoring LLC was founded in June 2020 by Dr. Michelle D. Liulama as a result of the alarming numbers of military members involved in suicides, missing persons, training abuses, etc. This was not the military that she grew up in her 20+ years on active duty and she is on a mission to provide go-to military confidantes for our warriors so that they don't feel alone, silenced, or marginalized. We are not in the chain of command and want our members to thrive in their careers and become the best version of themselves. We do not leave military members behind and it is an honor to serve our men and women in uniform. 

Our Team 

 Michelle D. Liulama,PhD

 Mentor, 1SG (R), Army

 Thomas Gibbons,MS 

 Mentor, CSM(R), Army

Jason Pentz, MS

 Mentor, MSgt (R), Air Force

Tara McArthur, MS

Mentor, Capt(R), Navy

LeAnn Lupton, MS

Academic Advisor

Jessica Odom, MS

Mentor, SMSgt, Air Force

Tamera McIntosh, Ph.D

Mentor, Prior Army, JD

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