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Are You Ready to Fast Track Your Career?

Do you want to be two steps ahead of everyone?  Would you like more work-life balance?

Contact us TODAY and watch your career soar!

"How does one find an ideal mentor? Someone who understands me and is a good fit--that would have saved me years of mental anguish."

What's going on U.S. warrior?!


My name is Michelle D. Liulama, retired Army First Sergeant and Ph.D, and I created Mana o Toa Military Mentoring to help you:

* fast-track your promotion;

* avoid predictable pitfalls and reduce mental anguish;

* consistently max your physical training tests;

* get top marks on your evaluations;

* receive valuable guidance and consistent direction;

* be competitive against your peers, especially at military schools; and

* get choice assignments.


I know how crazy military life can get, which is what inspired me to assemble an A-team of mentors with a combined 176+ years of military service. Our #1 goal is to help you fast-track your military career by matching you with your ideal mentor who is ready and able to help you navigate career challenges, reach your goals, and thrive. 

I joined the Army right out of high school, and like many others, I only wanted to get an education degree and get out. Off I went to Basic Training in Fort Jackson, SC, which is also where I did Advanced Individual Training as an Administration Specialist, now called Human Resources Specialist. Even thought my recruiter gave me tips to survive, I struggled and experienced a lot of trial and error because I was so incredibly busy trying to keep my head above water. Long hours at work and coming of age in the military made it impossible to stay focused. Even after getting my Congressman's endorsement to attend Officer Candidate School, I was so overwhelmed that I never submitted my application.

It wasn't until my third assignment at the Pentagon that I finally met a supervisor who cared. Leaders throughout my career provided what they could, but to be honest, I needed more. And since you're still reading, I'm guessing you can relate.

No one ever told me to find a mentor--and I really needed someone who could guide my professional journey by sharing their knowledge, experience, and wisdom with me. 

I kept my original education goal and completed an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees, but when the Army wouldn't pay for a Ph.D., I still wanted to pursue it. By then, I was married to a soldier and had two children. At 20 years in the military, I retired and pursued a Ph.D., but couldn't find a suitable job after graduation and became very disillusioned. 

Thinking back on my journey, I know a long-term mentor would have saved me years of mental anguish trying to figure out how to get promoted, be competitive, and feel prepared for civilian life. 

There's a saying, "if you want to go fast, go alone; if you wan to go farther, go with others."

Let us help you go farther TODAY!

Meet Our Founder


Michelle D. Liulama, Ph.D.

Talofa! (Greetings! in Samoan) I am Dr. Michelle D. Liulama, Founder & CEO of Mana o Toa Military Mentoring, LLC. I grew up in American Samoa after my mother relocated us from Arlington, Texas to American Samoa in 1971. I was five at the time and had to learn the Samoan language and culture, which is the best time to learn, as studies show, children are sponges at an early age. Samoans are very pro-military so even though I received an academic scholarship after high school, my family wanted me to join the Army. In July 1983, I reported to Fort Jackson, South Carolina for Basic Training. Unbeknownst to me, my grandfather, Liulama T. Tapasu was my first mentor. 


  • We get you on the path so you are always ahead of the game.

    33 US dollars
  • Together, we set up your education plan based on your interests.

    33 US dollars
  • Two years before separation/retirement, we set you up for success.

    33 US dollars

“I was thinking of joining the Army, but I was unsure. Mana O Toa’s mentors helped me through the process and were crucial in helping me understand what joining the US Army was really like.”

Travis Machuca

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